Our mission is protecting our natural resources , nature belongs to all Canadians.

Campfire Cooking

There is nothing more gratifying than a home cooked meal, right?  Well what about a meal cooked in the wilderness on the open flame?  We are masters of gourmet outdoor cooking.  Find recipes, tips, photos, videos and more - click below:

Canadian Voyageurs

Canadian Voyageurs - Crossing Canada's immense wilderness by canoe, documenting our experience.

Children's Corner

Pompom the sable fox Pomeranian loves sharing his adventurous stories. .  Click the button below to visit Pompom's page for quizzes, games, photos, stories, videos and more - all for kids!

Off Grid Living

We live off grid in the remote wilderness.  Our cozy wooden cabin is solar powered - we grow our own organic vegetables and berries.  We have a very efficient lifestyle.  We share our videos and photos, as well as our off grid lifestyle with you.